Another year, another rewrite. This page never gets any easier. But, if you insist... my name is Rems, and I am the webmistress of these parts. As part of my network overhaul, I changed my handle from Espo, which is what you'll probably be more familiar with - it's taken many years of agonising to move on from it, but leaving that teen name behind was long past due.Bunny hop!

So, what's to know about the woman behind the domain? I'm 27, and my birthday falls on 24th December, also known as probably the worst day of the year to have a birthday (bias included). Starsign wise, I'm a capricorn and a ram, which makes me a doubly stubborn goat. Personality wise, I'm an ISFJ. When I'm not sleeping - which happens a fair amount these days - I can be found writing (usually fic, sometimes RP over at dreamwidth), playing video games, or designing sites. Sometimes I'll watch things. Sometimes I'll sleep some more. Sometimes I'll buy yet another nendoroid. Sometimes I'll stay up to the small hours scrolling through tumblr. Y'know, people things. Edgey.

As of the end of 2016, I've been suffering with diagnosed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, which has, in a phrase, shot my creativity and ability to do very much at all. Every day is a struggle, particularly when your body is keen to sabotage you and demand disproportional amounts of energy for what you actually do; personally I am housebound and my limits now dictate that I can just about eat and keep up with basic hygiene needs. I decided to include this about myself for the sheer fact that CFS/ME is a hugely underesearched, no treatment, no cure chronic illness, and if I have any job, it's to spread awareness for it. (And if you have it, I see you.) #millionsmissing

I'm very much a gamer. Most of my free time (and I have a lot of it due to said CFS/ME) is poured into video games, because it's the best of both worlds: the narrative to rival novels and the visuals of a movie, the engagement of me playing the protagonist in the starring role. I feel so much more involved in a game, so much more immersed, and yes, I will and can begin a game and only come up for air after sinking fifty hours into it. 2017 has a lot of good games, in my defense. I'm usually on my PS4, Elsa, in some capacity. I've been into Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy as series for well over a decade, even if my gaming favourites are now a little different: I love Assassin's Creed, Dragon Age, Gravity Rush, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Mass Effect, Overwatch and Transistor a lot. My general genre go-to is RPG (or JRPG), but I'll sometimes wind up in adventure-action. If your game has a female protagonist you'll get extra marks. I'll also support Dontnod in any and all their endevours, because Remember Me and Life is Strange are two of my favourite things ever, period. You can get a general idea of what I've been playing recently by looking at my tumblr.

Since my domain's current layout features D.Va (and it's my about page and I can do as I please), this is a good a time as any to tell you about my Overwatch experience. I've sunk a ridiculous amount of time into Overwatch this past year, which I didn't expect as I'm not a multiplayer or FPS fan: yet once I "got good" with my favourites, it has become an excellent outlet for my insomnia addled brain as I don't have to concentrate on narrative, and can just play. Sometimes it's nice to do something different! I'm a tank/support flex, and my mains are Mercy,, Symmetra, Mei, and Moira. I also play a lot of Orisa, Brigitte, and Winston.Heroes never die!

I'll openly admit I'm hardly into anime and manga these days, and it's mainly the series that I was into in my tweens that I'm still hyped about. A Cardcaptor Sakura rewatch is something of a yearly necessity, and I do have some series that are very dear to my heart by CLAMP, Watase Yuu, and Tanemura Arina (and Peach-Pit, because I'll never be over Shugo Chara!). I'm an animated film buff, a lover of a good sci-fi flick, and a sucker for a good love story. Or anything to do with relationships, platonic or not. Give me a dysfunctional family unit and I'll be happy.

I've been loitering with cyber creations since May 27th, 2004. It occurs to me that there are people on the internet that are younger than the accumulative years I've spent site making. I'm old. The end.

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