In the works...Sites that I'm working on at the moment and will, hopefully, be live (or finished) within the current calendar year - gotta get better at this. For things I'm thinking about, keep on eye on my listography!
Does the walker choose the path?
Scheduled: 2017 (ongoing)
Directive: Old Kingdom series tribute
An overall series tribute for the Old Kingdom series, the universe created by Australian author Garth Nix. There's five books plus a novella to cover, so this'll take some work! My roadmap at the moment is to cover every aspect of the series in detail before moving onto essays of "why this series is so great". Very ambitious. This site has been launched as a work-in-progress for Amassment's Construction Zone - it wasn't finished for the original run, but it's something I'm going to come back to slowly in dribs and drabs. The site in the back of my mind, as it were.

A small list of sites I would like to finish this year, but as of yet, haven't begun in earnest, or are not my current priority. They do, however, have layouts and notes existing in some form - perhaps partially written pages or outlines - so the first steps in their development have already been taken... how exciting. (Daunting. Go work on these sites if you're reading this, Rems.)

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