Opened: 22nd December 2016
     Directive: Network domain
Farron was bought in order to host Nevarra, and all my other network creations, when I moved providers (to namecheap). It was a spur of the moment kind of thing, and I have no long term plans for it. Farron's highlight is a functional list of exits and a flashy index page, and it's home to my Serah tribute.

Opened: 19th May 2014
     Directive: Final Fantasy / Square Enix domain
Named for the Cie'th and the l'Cie legends of Fabula Nova Crystallis. Over the years, I became deeply attached to Square's flagship series, and it was that thought that started the dangerous, idle brainstorming that often leads to a new fandom domain. At the time I still owned Fractured, I was letting go of my Kingdom Hearts domain (keyofdestiny), and XIII was (and still is) my favourite, so it was a logical step. As it happens I now have two Final Fantasy XIII themed domain names, but whatever. Once purchased, I turned everything around on Cieth in three days: the quickest turn around I've ever had conceptually. Currently, Cieth is the location of all my Square Enix related fanlistings, several FF game specific subdomains, and home to my Kairi tribute.

Jane Doe
Opened: 12th January 2005
     Directive: Fanlisting collective
My showcase for my owned fanlistings; my joined fanlistings have their own subdomain. Throughout my time online, my collective was hosted by a large variety of people before it finally settled here on my own domain. Jane Doe has gone through numerous name changes, most recently Softly Call, and it's my oldest active site. Though my interest in fanlistings comes and goes, it'll remain a staple for the rest of my webmistress career.

Destino (Embrace Destiny)
Opened: 1st August 2013
     Directive: Kairi tribute
A tribute to Kairi from Kingdom Hearts. I'll defend Kairi until the death, and that's really why this tribute defied all odds, including my track record with completion and later, streams of neglect. Originally opened in 2006, Destino spent years static, incomplete, or on hiatus, until I was finally bitten by the fact the world needs to know how good Kairi is and if I had to do it, dragging myself kicking and screaming all the way, so be it. I love Kairi's plight, I love her past and her story, and her endless potential. She has so much, and I can only hope Square actually utilises it for once when Kingdom Hearts 3 rolls around... sometime during the next decade (seriously, here in September 2018, the fact that KH3 is being released in January 2019 boggles my mind). Kairi's inner strength is marvellous, and I can relate more to the girl who waits and puts her faith in the people she loves coming back. This site is in need of a clean-up and some minor rewrites, which will also occur sometime in the next decade. (I'm kidding. Possibly.)

Opened: 23rd December 2016
     Directive: Serah Farron tribute
A tribute to Serah from Final Fantasy XIII. Would you look at that, I actually finished something! Serah was in and out of development for years, but it wasn't until I was approved for her fanlisting in 2016 that I settled down, wrote an outline, and peservered. After a very successful Nanowrimo, I channeled my writing vigour into finishing off Serah's tribute at last. Serah is the one, my absolute favourite of any heroine, and to have this site completed at last is an absolute pleasure. My favourite part of this site was writing about Serah's journey as a character, as even though she goes from NPC to protagonist and back again, there would be no Lightning saga without her. (I love her so, so so so much.) This site is static, revised, and good to go!

Pick A God And Pray
Opened: 16th February 2017
     Directive: Fire Emblem series tribute
A personal, series wide tribute to Fire Emblem. I might have finished this site inside of an intesive week of writing and designing, a true Rems record, but plans for this site had been rattling around my head for years. This is my blue sky tribute, one I thought would be impossible, because there was always so much to cover and I had no idea where to begin, nor end. Then I realised I didn't have to talk about everything, and could just focus on me, and my personal journey, as I'm a long time fan of this series (2004 and Blazing Sword, represent! That in itself is a nice throwback to when I started sitemaking). It's a very opinionated, relaxed approach to what I've made before, and perfect for what I wanted to cover. I'm amazingly pleased to have it finally be here. Current as of February 2017. Needs a few revisions, but solid.

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